Ben Settle was right.​

In his Street Smart Email System course I’ve been re-reading lately, he specifically warned me of the dangers of writing entertaining, story-based emails.

But, I did it anyway.

I haven’t been writing emails…

I’ve been writing posts here instead.

The consequences are the same.​

At first, he suggested I’d get a lot of unsubscribes.​

The equivalent on The Book?​

Getting unfriended daily.

The “new normal” has not been universally well received.

He warned I’d even get a few spam complaints…

And was right about that too.​

I’m being blocked all over.

Including by marketers whose content I’ve supported and engaged on for almost two years.​

Never a single cross word.​

Until, DING!

Ticket to the Block Party!

Their loss.​

I guess it’s not good for their own businesses if any new or mutual friends end up on my posts via theirs and see somebody showing up each day, sharing knowledge and expertise…​

And doing it in a way which is fun, relatable and easy to consume.

Yeah, I’d fear for my next commission too.

You see, when you start marketing this way, you stick out like a sore thumb in a newsfeed plagued by mediocrity…

And quickly become a “must read” for that core of people who are most interested in you.

Inevitably, some will feel threatened by that.

All part of the game.​

Regardless of who else you’re following on this platform, I want you to enjoy your time spent reading my posts…​

And take from them what you want.​

I’m here to entertain you if you want to be entertained…

Or if you’re really serious about becoming a successful affiliate marketer using free, organic Facebook traffic…

I’m here to help you if you want to be helped.

You know where I am if you’re ready to get started.