This post is for newbies who are fresh out of the wrapper.

Those who are wide-eyed at what the Internet has to offer and even wetter-behind-the-ears when it comes to making money from it.

It’s also for those who’ve been at this for a while…

But are not getting the results they feel their efforts deserve.

Sound a bit like you?

Then this short list of hidden “rules” I’ve compiled after two decades online will help you out.

If you can handle the truth, read on:

  • A marketer’s job is not to teach you how to do anything… especially not for free.
  • Most “successful” marketers are flat broke. (Many who flaunt their wealth online are one one bad product launch away from losing their house).
  • Screengrabs of consistent four figure days are very easy to Photoshop.
  • If you want to become a successful marketer… learning marketing is a good place to start.
  • Don’t assume what has worked for somebody else will give you the same results.
  • Dropping a month’s wage on a high ticket program doesn’t automatically mean you’re in a position to help others earn an online income.
  • Don’t complain about receiving sales pitches or being offered upsells. How is it you think YOU are going to make money online?
  • A “how to” product is not a scam because you didn’t profit from it after five minutes of half-assery.
  • All making money online boils down to is a) sending traffic to b) an offer.
  • Doing the complete opposite of what is being publicly taught can be insanely profitable.

Anyway, just a few things to consider.

If you still want to make this “organic marketing” thing work for you…

Get in touch for more details about my Walker Way training program.

Over the course of 9.5 hours of “over my shoulder” videos, I’ll teach you everything I know about:

Building a large, responsive audience of “proven buyers”…

Creating attractive, curiosity-provoking content quickly and consistently…

And how to close the sale effortlessly in Messenger.

It’s not free…

But then, if you read my first rule, you already knew that.