Last week’s Secret Diary of a Burnt Out Affiliate Marketer was right on the button.

One little candle wick, let’s call him John, wrote to me:​

“I have amazing value but don’t get serious enquiries. I could help others out so much but why would people trust me when they can go to the gurus promising tons of money?”

Firstly, results are important…​

Possibly the biggest driver which leads to a sale.

Think about it.

The chances are you bought into the program you’re promoting now based largely on the proof that somebody else made money with it…

So, you shouldn’t begrudge other people doing the same.​

Secondly, your “value” can’t be that “amazing” if you’re not getting serious enquiries.

Harsh, but true.

Almost every marketer I’m connected to on The Book is pumping out tons of “value”…​

Often with very little to show for it.

Personally, I don’t believe “value” posts alone are “valuable” enough to convince somebody to part with with their cash…​

Yet, the high engagement numbers they attract, accompanied by dopamine-filled comments like “great post!” and “amazing value!” offered by other failing marketers, just encourages you to post even more.

My advice?​

Have more fun with your content.

Reduce your word count.

Be relatable.

Not a stuffed shirt stood at the front of the classroom, trying to prove you’re cleverer than everybody else.

Or, don’t.

Instead, try to increase the “value” even further…​

Write even longer posts and tackle more difficult and tedious topics with greater frequency…​

And see how long it takes you to burn out.

I give it three months.​

Okay, that’s enough steak to chew on for today…

But, if you want a more detailed plan of attack as an affiliate marketer which also comes with the opportunity to work with me personally, then shoot me a message and we can get things moving.

That’s what I call “amazing value!”