Say hello to Stuart.

We’ve known each other on social media for a little while and he bought my Walker Way training program a couple of weeks ago.

On Monday, he made his first commission promoting it as an affiliate.

It came in while he was at the park, enjoying the sunshine…

And, as he said himself, all he did to earn it was help someone.

This is the process he followed

1. Stuart joined a specific type of group identified in the training where members are likely to be struggling with their online marketing.

2. He made friends with a marketer who wasn’t getting the results they wanted.

3. Stuart offered The Walker Way as a solution and earned a commission when the sale was completed.


Just one person helping another.

It doesn’t end there, either.

You see, The Walker Way has a two-tier affiliate program.

So, Stuart will bank further commissions every time his new customer makes a sale of the program of their own.

If you’re ready to make “park profits” yourself…

Then get in touch with either Stuart or I and we can help you get started.