Back to Ben Settle’s Street Smart Email System which I talked about last week.​

Towards the end of the course, he posted 21 mundane, ‘real life’ scenarios which he could turn into a story and pitch at the finale.​

Things like:​

Burrned garlic bread for dinner because I was changing the baby’s diaper…

Watched UFC where a dude got knocked out from a kick to the head…​

Was shaving and cut myself on the chin…​

Went to the beach and made a sand castle with my kids…​

Got a haircut at the local barbershop.​

All edge-of-the-seat stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.

However, he demonstrated it’s possible to take an everyday situation and quickly turn it into a message to sell something with…

Along with the added bonus of not needing to live a high-octane lifestyle where something interesting happens to you every five minutes for the benefit of your social media.

So, for me, it’s another week of homeschooling my son, Thomas.

I relish the opportunity to work with an eager mind, ready to soak up the information I deliver like a sponge. I love to pass on my knowledge and expertise, identifying problem areas and filling in any gaps to get the results we both know are achievable. And, trying to do all of this in a fun and enjoyable way.​

Oh, and as far the homeschooling goes…

Today we’re doing maths.

Class may be in session but there’s always room for another student who’s looking to effectively promote affiliate products of the “high ticket” variety.

If you can think of one…

Well, you know the rest.