Today is Groundhog Day.

It’s a North American tradition which relies upon a groundhog (a small rodent) and its shadow to determine whether spring will arrive early or not…

Or something like that.

But, it was made globally famous in a 1993 movie of the same name.

Bill Murray took the lead as Phil, a weatherman sent to a small town to cover the festivities, but a blizzard meant he got stuck there overnight.

The following morning, Phil woke up to the same song on the radio as the day before…

And the events of the previous 24 hours were repeated.

It happened again the next day and he concluded he was stuck in a time-loop, which nobody else in the town was aware of.

The movie played out as movies do, but in pop culture…

The phrase “Groundhog Day” took on a new meaning to reference:

A repetitive, unpleasant and monotonous situation.

Sounds like the daily affiliate marketing struggle to me.

No matter what you do, things never change:

  • You try to model the successful affiliates… but while they pop high ticket sales via their posts, you’re still sifting through the swathes of “Happy Tuesday” comments on yours left by other marketing pretenders.
  • You churn out hundreds of words of “value” each week… but it’s Groundhog Day in the comments: “Happy Tuesday!”
  • Motivational quotes skyrocket your engagement into the hundreds of likes… but you don’t generate a single lead. Plenty of “Happy Tuesday’s” though.
  • You post pictures of yourself and your kids, grinning like Cheshire cats, desperate to show you’re “real”… but all you get is “Happy Tuesday”. Again.
  • You attempt to sell to other marketers in the Messenger who you KNOW would benefit from your product… but instead they attempt to pitch YOU, without so much as a “Happy Tuesday” first.

Tuesday isn’t turning out to be so happy after all.

Wait, it gets worse.

Unlike in the movie, where the same day replicates over and over…

Here in the real world, failure repeats…

But time moves forward.

It’ll be “Happy Wednesday” tomorrow.

Stop doing the same things over and over…

Expecting different results…

And get in touch with me instead.

I’ll share a high ticket affiliate marketing strategy which not only teaches you, step by step, how to attract endless targeted leads on social media organically…

It also shows you how to close them in the Messenger like a pro!

Plus, it won’t have you chasing up and down the newsfeed all day, blindly engaging with hundreds of people who will “like” your posts in return…

But will never buy from you.

Happy Tuesday.