First of all, let me say a big WELCOME to my blog!

If you arrived from Facebook, then you should already know my name’s David and I’m an online marketer.

You may not have known I’m from South Wales in the UK.

Now you do.

With us formally introduced, I feel comfortable enough to share a pressing issue with you.

Problem is, I got this itch.

Not that kind of itch…

But an itch even more maddening that needs a good, hard scratch.

You see, aside from all the marketing and entrepreneurship, my other great passion is…


In fact, it was my first ever passion and getting down ‘n’ dirty with nothing but a pen, paper and my own thoughts has always been something I’ve enjoyed.

So, this year I’ve taken a more creative approach to my marketing content on Facebook…

And thought it’d be a good idea to publish all my posts on this blog too.

People are unlikely to scroll endlessly through my profile to read posts and the chances are they’ll miss out on a lot of good stuff…

But if they find their way to my blog, like you have, there’s a better chance of more of my post being read.

I can feel that itch starting to subside already.

This is a problem that’s unlikely to go away any time soon so I’m going to have to self-medicate myself here on the regular.

Post-by-post, I’ll share the same marketing tips and advice I’m using in own online business…

And hopefully provide a little entertainment and insight to accompany you on your own journey in making the monies online.

If you’re itching to work with me, then I also have an attraction marketing training program and high ticket affiliate opportunity I’d love to help you succeed with.

If I can help you in any way at all, please get in touch!