We arrived home from a short break in Blackpool earlier this week.

If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a seaside town in the North West of England.

Once described as the “Vegas of the North”…

Its tired, run down appearance seems a far cry from a glitzy heyday.

However, that didn’t put off the thousands of tourists we shared limited pavement space with on the promenade.

The place was packed.

And, after the past 12 months of hospitality closures…

You’d expect business owners would want to keep their tills ringing as long as possible to provide a buffer against any potential lockdowns this winter.

But, no.

We found ourselves in a weird spot where it was tricky to get a meal out.

For example, we were turned away at 8pm from a large restaurant who decided they’d only serve drinks from that time…

Rather than keep the kitchen open to feed the queues of famished punters forming outside, desperate to throw money in their direction.

Or, on our last morning, wanting breakfast before a four-hour drive back to Wales…

We were greeted by a string of locked cafe’s with signs in the window advertising Thursday to Sunday opening hours only.

The Vegas of the North”.

It makes for an easy comparison to the hundreds, maybe even thousands of affiliate marketers on social media who are not making sales.


Because they’re simply not open for business.

They’re not creating offers for their products or services.

They’re not demonstrating how they can solve the problems which keep their market up at night.

And they’re certainly not forcing their audience to make a buying decision by including a strong, clear call-to-action at the end of their content.

Instead, they prefer to hide meekly behind motivational quotes or “Happy Friday” posts…

When there are literally crowds of cash-waving, potential customers peering in through the darkened shop window trying to figure out if anybody’s home.

So, if the masses are scrolling past your content right now…

Leaving a dismissive “great post” comment or a lazy “boom” before chucking their credit card details at your nearest competitor…

Then we need to talk.

One of the modules in my Walker Way training program features six easy-to-implement content strategies which will transform you into an attractive affiliate on social media…

Before you burn out and board up the windows forever.

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