Things are bad.

Really bad.

Not for me, Schadenfreude…

But this guy, who shall remain nameless, who rocked up in my inbox the other day:

“Walker, I’m seriously broke and will be homeless by the end of August if I don’t figure this out. How do I start making money like you do and without cost?”

No, problem.

I’ll just wave my magic wand and…

Stop right there.

It’s time for a reality check.

Given your dire, deadline-looming situation, it’s a big ask to make roof-over-your-head saving money on The Book faster than the British press can say “recession”.

That said, I’ll try.

First, sell what you do have.

No, not that…

Your time.

Offer coaching, consultancy or complete tasks for other marketers.

It’s fast and you don’t need to spend any money first.

Lacking skills, contacts or effort?

Then you’re going to have to get a job.

Any job.

(Not easy in the current climate).

Or a second job if you already have one.

(See above).

Plus, now would be a good time to clear out the garage and sell anything you don’t need on eBay.


I know it’s not the magic marketing button you were hoping I’d push for you.

But, it’s a realistic “quick fix” to give you some room to breathe.

Then, you can work on improving your social media game and offer solutions, at a price, like I do, to people who will eventually reach out to YOU, asking for YOUR help.

It could take a month.

It could take six.

Maybe it’ll never happen if you’re stumbling around, trying to figure it all out by yourself.

There is an alternative.

If you happen to find some money stuffed in the mattress and want to turn things around as quickly as possible…

Then my Walker Way training can help.

I lay everything out for you, step-by-step, via 5.5 hours of over-my-shoulder video training.

I cover it all – from setting up your profile correctly, to writing content which attracts customers, to closing sales in the Messenger.

You’ll avoid all the mistakes I see so many marketers on my newsfeed make daily…

And be perfectly positioned to sell more of whatever it is you have to offer to a highly engaged and ever-growing friends list.

Reach out if you’re ready to get started.