Affiliates who play the organic marketing game…

Grab a pen.

And, tick off any of these posts you’ve published this past week!

Like Pokemon, can you catch ’em all?


A motivational quote from Gary Vee.

Whip ’em up into a frenzy so they whip out their wallets!



Not a single lead.

You cheer up your audience with a “Happy Tuesday”.



So many “Happy Tuesday” comments and a record 323 likes!

But, nobody’s ‘happy’ enough to pay you any money.

Time to drop a VaLuE bOmB…

800 words on something vague about “doing the work” should loosen the purse strings.




Bring out Tony Robbins.

You wish everybody on your timeline a “Happy Thursday” in the comments before you post too.

The algorithm works for you now.



Another blank.

You post an infographic on “how to become your best self” screen-shotted directly from Instagram.



Still nothing.

You share the latest Bitcoin price and a snazzy graph.

Even though you don’t actually hold any crypto yourself.



No leads…

No sales…

And you’re all out of ideas.

Ummm, “Happy Sunday?”


Is this really the best you can do?

If you’re churning out the same old content like everybody else…

How do you expect to stand out?

Just like how my popular-music criticising father used to describe any sub-par chart act I listened to as a child…

You’re “instantly forgettable”.

Keep this up and you’ll end up bewildered, broke and burnt-out within a few months.

Or, you could get free access to my brand new CLOVER Content training…

Where I guide you, step-by-step, through my best six types of post which attracts endless targeted leads via social media.

Read this all the way to the end?

Let’s see.

Type “CLOVER” in the comments for the training…

Or “Happy Tuesday” to agree to pay me $100.

I’ll send you my Paypal details if you choose the latter.