After what seems like talking about it forever…

My brand new Internet Marketing Revealed podcast is now officially live!

Great stories…

Tips, advice and actionable content from those who are doing this “online thing” right now.

It’s been a long time coming.

I thought about starting it at least six months ago.

I began to look into it properly about three months ago.

And I’ve spent the past month recording episodes.

After all that?

Episode one is my story.

There’ll be far more exciting guests going forward.

I promise!

But, for those who are interested…

In this episode, I reveal:

How I managed to make my first sale online in 1998… with no social media, no PayPal, no YouTube or no eBay!

You’ll never forget your first time… but I did! Don’t judge me for it!

How a change in the Google algorithm dumped my most lucrative website from it’s first page of the search results… ending my dreams of becoming an online millionaire overnight!

How I inexplicably allowed thousands of highly targeted, organic buyers to slip through my fingers… don’t make the same mistake!

The moment I finally ran out of money after eight years of earning a full time income online… and had to return to the dreaded “day job!”

The best advice I can give to anybody venturing into the world of online marketing… use it to propel you through the early stages when nobody’s listening, nobody’s buying and you want to quit!

What fascinates me most about online marketing… how that involves you and why I want to feature you on the show!

And more!

Links to the podcast and shiny new YouTube channel can be found in the comments.

If you want to feature as a guest yourself, get in touch and we can book in a slot!