I have to admit…

I’ve found it tough to get back into a rhythm with my marketing following the Christmas break.

The day job has been crazy busy since I returned the first week of January…

And I’m also homeschooling my son around that while his school remains closed.

Free time has been spent getting some fresh air outside as a family…

Or playing games with Thomas as he’s spending a fair chunk each day by himself while his mother and I work.

Online marketing has taken a back seat even this early into the new year.

It’s a good thing I don’t make resolutions.

Time to turn things around.

This productivity hack inspired by comedian Jerry Seinfeld will help.

Here’s how it works:

During his early days, Seinfeld needed to write better jokes if he was to become a better comic.

The way to do that?

Write every day.

How to relate that to a marketer who wants better results?

Doing some marketing each day makes sense.

The “hack” involved a simple monthly calendar…

Where Seinfeld drew a thick, red “X” through each day he wrote new jokes.

After a few days, a “chain” began to form on the calendar…

And the goal was simply not to break the chain.

This works because it’s not one day’s effort which allows you to hit your goals…

It’s consistent daily action.

Or, as the faux financial experts on social media like to call it:

“Compounding interest”.

Plus, you’ll enjoy seeing the chain grow as each day passes by.

Yes, I drew my own calendar.

Stuff like this pleases me.

How about you?