Ever heard of Krampus?

I hadn’t, until Hollywood got their cash-stained mitts on the story a few years ago and made a series of movies.

Apparently, it’s a well-worn tale in Germany and Austria.

Krampus is the evil sidekick of Santa Claus.

A hairy, demon-like figure which resembles a goat…

But with fangs and a long, pointed tongue.

The unlikely partnership goes like this:

Well-behaved children receive presents from Santa…

Whereas Krampus swats the bad kids with branches from a birch tree.

The really naughty ones?

They get eaten, drowned or dragged down to Hell.

Sleep tight!

Krampus is also scouring social media to punish affiliates who play the organic game badly.

Those who:

  • Ask “what do you do?” moments after you accept the friend request THEY sent YOU.
  • Claim to “teach” you how to make $10,000 per month… while waiting to make their first sale.
  • Encourage you to “get a mentor” when what they really want is for you to buy their expensive, high-ticket program to earn a commission.​
  • Write long-winded “value” posts which do nothing to excite, entice or encourage a potential lead to contact them.
  • Spam “Happy Tuesday” on 300 posts to get the same in return on their content so they look “successful”.
  • Post vague, vanilla offers which get ignored, like: “who wants to set up a high income online business and get 90% of the work done for you?” Yawn.
  • Have burnt-out as a broke affiliate but reinvent themselves days later as a crypto expert or Forex trader.

Anyway, if you’re doing any of this…

Then it’s probably too late to change your ways and make Santa’s “nice list” this year.

I can’t even promise you’ll escape the birch.

Or worse.

However, there is a way to avoid the taloned grasp of Krampus next year…

It starts with my latest 3Cs report.

The chances are your content is missing at least two, if not all three of ’em…

And you’re resorting to the nonsense above while begging for leads, sales and commissions in your letter to Santa.

Drop me a “3Cs” below to whip your content into shape.