A round of applause for Monday.

Tony, who I wrote about last week after making seven sales of The Walker Way in just five days…

Made a few more bringing his total to 10.

Nice milestone.

He’s achieved this in just over a week…

(Eight days if you’re keeping score).

Bringing in around $900 in commissions.

It’s not quite the sexy, $1,000 per sale figure which seems to be fashionable amongst marketers at the moment…

(Even if very few are actually making commissions for all the bluff and bluster they publish on social media).

But, Tony has been making sales consistently.

With each one an opportunity to create a valuable “income proof” piece of content.

Which, in turn will encourage new leads to contact him for more information on how he’s stacking up those green and brown bars daily.

Plus, the fact Tony is actively demonstrating his ability to make money from affiliate marketing means he’s in a strong position to close those “high ticket” sales you read so much about…

But see so few in action.

Ready to become an “attractive affiliate” yourself?

Contact either Tony or I and we’d be happy to get you started!