This is Mandy.

A busy grandmother-of-eight from the UK.

In the past seven days, she’s found time in-between changing nappies and baby-sitting duties to make $1,079.22 in commissions promoting The Walker Way…

My organic marketing training program which transforms struggling marketers into attractive affiliates on social media.

How did Mandy achieve this?

It wasn’t by wasting hours she doesn’t have writing lengthy VaLuE posts…

Trying to “convince” her fellow marketers of her credibility in the industry.

You don’t need to pretend when you’re genuinely demonstrating it.

Like what Mandy did.

She shared her results daily…

Inviting her audience to watch her income grow.

As each sale came in, Mandy leveraged it in her content to make the next one.

This is proof in action.

What your prospects REALLY find valuable.

Rather than the thousands of clever-sounding words you publish to camouflage the shame of not actually making any money as an affiliate marketer.

Each soul-destroying post edging you that little bit closer to burning out and giving up completely.


Mandy made those $1,000+ commissions from her direct sales.

However, The Walker Way boasts a two-tier affiliate program.

If each of her 15 customers makes just one sale per week…

That’s $675 in weekly passive second tier commissions in Mandy’s back pocket.

Heck, if they each only make one sale per month…

It’s still an extra $675 monthly for no extra effort.

If this has grabbed your attention…

Reach out to either Mandy or I and we’ll be happy to get you started.