Are you flushing your reputation down the toilet?

As 27 January is Thomas Crapper Day, it seems appropriate to ask.

If you’re not familiar, Crapper is said to have invented the flushing toilet – quite possibly the greatest invention known to human-kind.

Without him, we’d still be emptying our bedpans onto passers-by in the street and counting down the days till we died of the Black Plague.

Unfortunately, a lot of would-be marketers are still slinging the brown stuff.

And, if they don’t get their shiz in order…


They’ll always be thought of as some outdoor toilet dwelling misfit stuck in the marketing dark ages.

You see this every day:

Trigger-happy newbies spamming your Messenger with links to some garbage, SEC investigation fodder “opportunity”… moments after you regretfully accept their friend request.

Entire networks of marketers, all wishing each other a generic “Happy Wednesday” in the comments of their fluffy, 500-like posts… who fail to generate a single lead between them.

And try-hard affiliates, who write hundreds of unconvincing words about how they can “help” you bank $10k per month… when they’re still no closer to making their own first dollar online.


Somebody light a match!

Fortunately, I’m here to clean up this mess before you step in it.

If you’re a marketer who has been straining for a while to squeeze out those juicy high ticket sales…

But your path to social media success remains blocked…

Then let me hand you the plunger and allow the money to flow.

You won’t need to spend a penny on ads either.

Generate all the leads and sales you need organically at zero cost…

And keep yourself in quilted toilet paper for the rest of your days.

Can’t hold it in any longer?

Remember, I’m just a message away.