You may not be aware, but today is “Clean Out Your Computer Day”.

You’re forgiven if it almost slipped by unnoticed…

But it inspired today’s post and could be the most important one you read on the newsfeed all week.

Think about your computer for a moment.

If it’s a newer model with a huge hard drive capacity, the chances are you’re adding hundreds of programs and files without giving the numbers much thought.

You probably don’t even use most of them once they’re downloaded and installed.

The problem is, over time they clog up your memory, conflict with other files and can even slow down your computer to a crawl.

It’s time for a clear out…

And the same can also be said for your current online marketing “strategy”.

Hear me out:

You start something with the intention of following it through.

However, a combination of not getting instant results and shiny object syndrome encourages you to add more and more “stuff” to your marketing mix…

Yet you experience ever diminishing returns.

Sound familiar?

“I’ll just try this,” you naively think, as you hurl yet another $97 at something bright and shiny.

“It could give me some cashflow while I try to get the other five things I’ve bought this month to work”.

It never does.

Be honest with yourself here.

You’re losing money.

Trying a bit of this and then a bit of that.

Spreading yourself way too thin across multiple systems, methods and programs…

And the stress and confusion this causes brings any chance of progress to a grinding halt.

Get rid of them all.


Like me.

I’m focusing on:

ONE Platform – Facebook.

ONE Problem – The struggle to generate targeted leads organically and then convert them into sales.

ONE Solution – a high ticket training which guides you, step-by-step, through the entire process.

This approach won’t be for everyone.

Marketing magpies prefer to spend more money over the course of a year collecting endless low-ticket, glitter-encrusted turds on the product launch merry-go-round…

Compared to the one-time investment required for something which actually gets results.

But, if you’ve emptied your nest of all the junk that didn’t work and are ready to start making some money from the time you put into your marketing…

Then drop a #MAGPIE into my inbox and I can help you get started.