Low ticket products.

Only clowns promote them.

Having to make all those lousy sales before you reach a thousand bucks.


It’s why you chose the high ticket path instead.

You’re smart.

You value your time.

The only problem is…

You’re also not making any money.

Your mentor said you’d only need to make 10 sales and it’s $10k months sipping Sex on the Beach in the sunshine.

What a joke.

You’re still waiting to see $1,000 this month.

Just like last month…

And the month before that.

You cling onto the belief it takes the same amount of effort to make a high ticket sale as it does a low ticket one.

Only, you’re not making either.

It seems like you’ve been talking a good game forever.

Trying to “educate” your audience that high ticket affiliate marketing is the way to go…

To convince them dropping a mortgage payment they can’t afford on a program you can’t sell will be their key to online riches.

But, the more noise you make…

The less people listen.

The only response to your content these days comes from other empty vessels meandering towards burnout themselves.

“Great content!” they comment half-heartedly.

Yeah, thanks.

Even they don’t believe the BS you’re spouting any more.

What to do?

You saw a post about a grandmother-of-eight making over $1,000 in a single week promoting something called The Walker Way.

It isn’t high ticket…

And won’t give you a $1,000 day.

What’s new, right?

But, those Clickbank bars looked nice…

Stacking up day by day.

As did the tsunami of comments from the same marketers who ignore you all hankering after more information

Perhaps some actual income proof would help people take you seriously…

Give you some credibility in an industry awash with failure.

Make a sale at that ‘lower’ level…

And it may pre-qualify your customer to take that next, high-ticket flavoured step, in their own affiliate marketing journey.

There’s only one way to find out.