This is bound to be an unpopular opinion.

But, it’s not necessary to build rapport with a potential customer to make a sale.

Even on the oh-so relationship-focused social media platforms.

I’ll prove it to you too.

A few months ago, I saw a link to a new Messenger training posted in a group.

It was in one of those “add your link” threads admins allow from time to time.

I wasn’t connected to the person who advertised it…

And only bare minimum information was provided.

I.e. a sales hook and a link to said training.

However, it was enough to persuade me to whip out my debit card, place the order and bank the affiliate a commission.

That’s correct.

I purchased from a “spam” link in the comments section of a thread…

Albeit an “ethical” one.

So, the myth of “link vomiting doesn’t make you money” is also consigned to the dustbin.

The reason no rapport was required?

The affiliate in question had something I wanted…

And that desire alone was enough for me to complete the sale without needing to interrogate him for an hour on his family, favourite food or his hopes and dreams for the next five years under the pretence of “building rapport”.

I’m proof-in-action sales come from lurkers and opportunists…

Rather than the heavy engagers who wish you a “Happy Wednesday” on your content or are in your inbox every other day wittering on about the weather.

I’ve even gone as far to revamp my own Messenger framework to adopt a “zero rapport” approach.

It’ll help affiliates move more conversations along quickly in the same time…

So you get down to business and make sales.

If you’re sick of pretending to be everybody’s new bff while they’re spending money with somebody else…

Send me a message and I’ll give you the details.