Have you been slogging away at an affiliate program but are yet to make your first sale?

It shouldn’t be that difficult.

If you’re involved with the right program…

And following the right training…

Your first sale can happen quickly.

Like it did for Paul…​

Who took just 12 hours to earn his first commission promoting The Walker Way!

He broke down the process he followed in a post of his own.

Which, I’m going to shamelessly “borrow” and republish here.


Follow the course tutorials.​

Make one post.​

Make a sale.​

Earn $90 commission.​

It really can be as easy as that…​

Plus, I’d like to add one further lucrative instruction to the list:​

Rinse and repeat!​

As Paul also said…​

“If I can do it, you can do it”.

Who am I to argue?

If you want to follow Paul’s lead and start earning commissions two-levels deep by posting on social media…

Then please get in touch with either of us and we’d be happy to help.