It’s no secret my post engagement has dropped recently.

I say “dropped”.

That’s an understatement.

It’s around 50% of what it was a few months ago…

And my last post received the lowest number of “likes” I’ve had on this platform in about two years.

Probably about 25% of my previous “norm”.

But, it’s okay.

I know my posts still get read.

As do yours.

Regardless of whether or not there’s visible engagement.

How do I know this?

Occasional commenters, like Peter, tell me!

“I’ll scroll through Facebook willy nilly,” he said, earning a bonus point for using the word “willy” in a non-rude context.

“But always stop to read your posts”.


It’s not only Peter reading in the shadows either…

Judging by some of the messages I receive from people I’m not even connected to on this platform.

And anyway…

It’s almost ALWAYS the people who do NOT engage on your posts who end up buying from you.

Which, makes chasing validation through ever increasing engagement numbers even more of a fool’s errand.

Especially when those likes don’t translate into cash.

I’m sure you’re no fool.

So, get in touch and I’ll give you free access to my brand new CLOVER Content training.

That is, if you’d rather your social media content attracted more leads and sales…

And fewer “Happy Thursday’s”.