Eight years ago, the music industry lost a true legend with the death of Phil Everly.

(Well, eight years to yesterday’s date if you’re keeping score).

For the unfamiliar, he was one half of the rock ‘n’ roll duo The Everly Brothers.

Phil was only a couple of years older than my father.

With him being a big fan of music from the 1950s and 1960s, I listened to a lot of it growing up.

(Incidentally, as a child I didn’t believe it when my father said music from that era would “live forever” – but the older I get, the more I’m convinced).

It wasn’t just syrupy vocal harmonies the Everly’s gave us either…

I also found a rock-solid marketing lesson in their lyrics.

It comes from my favourite Everly’s song: “All I Have to Do is Dream”…

And contains a huge mistake I see a TON of people making online.

In the chorus, the Everly’s sing: “Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream”.

Great song.

Bad advice.

Dreaming about something makes you feel good.

But, it is NOT enough!

Still, dreaming (rather than “doing”) seems to be the biggest activity of most wannabe affiliate marketers if my newsfeed is anything to go by.

Dreaming about creating content which attracts leads…

Dreaming about selling high ticket products without paying for adverts…

Dreaming about making those $10,000 months.

Seriously, with the amount of dreaming going on, I don’t think there’s a more well-rested bunch out there!

We’re already halfway through the first week of 2022…

And I’ll bet somebody reading this is still “planning” their marketing focus for the year.

Still “researching”.

Still DREAMING more like.

If you don’t want this year to go the same way as the last…

And the one before that…

At what point do you stop dreaming and take some ACTION?

The time is NOW.

I’ve already taken on two one-to-one clients who I will help master organic marketing on The Book…

And my calendar is open to take on a few more.

The Everly’s wised up towards the end of the song in the line:

“Only trouble is (geewhiz), I’m dreaming my life away!”

Now is YOUR time to wake up.

Let’s get your content, your offer and your target audience clear rather than dreaming all the way to resolutions for 2023!

Write “DREAM” below to discuss working together.