Meet Scott.

He’s from Leeds, in the UK.

As a Cardiff City supporter, I’m prepared to let that slide.

Football rivalries aside, Scott has played an important part in the blossoming history of The Walker Way.

You see, he became the first affiliate of my organic marketing training program to make a second-tier commission earlier this week.

Which means, he profited because somebody else made a sale!

What’s more…

It was the first money he’d ever made online!

I spoke with Scott back in February…

And he told me then he was looking for somebody to teach him the ways of affiliate marketing.

When I launched The Walker Way at the beginning of May…

Scott was one of the first five marketers to put their trust in me.

That fast action was rewarded by me placing an affiliate in his second tier.

On Monday, that affiliate made a sale…

And Scott made his first passive commission.

This isn’t a one-time deal either.

He will continue to earn commissions every time the affiliate in his second tier brings somebody new into the program.

This provides that all-important “income proof” he can use to produce effective results-based content.

People will take notice and begin to reach out.

Soon, Scott will make a first sale of his own.

And then?

The sky’s the limit.

If you’re fed up of playing around on social media and want to learn how to really become an attractive affiliate…

Then you know where to find me.

Or Scott.

He’d be more than happy to help you get started.