That’s all my live video attracted just over a week ago.

Yet, it brought in over $1,000 worth of sales.

Despite what you’re lead to believe, you don’t need all the fancy stuff:

A huge, engaged audience of thousands waiting for your next social media pitch

An enormous email list with click-happy subscribers desperate for their next bright and shiny object

An expensive home studio setup – all green screens, after effects and the latest tech

My broadcast was about as far removed from all that as you can get.

I just went live in my home office with a beer in my hand…

Identified a major problem affiliates have in the industry…

And offered my solution.

Some people bought.

Most didn’t.

But, those who did are now set to actually make money from organic, social media marketing…

Unlike the majority of my newsfeed who seem content to just write about it.

It can help you too.

My program is perfect for marketers who want to monetise small audiences.

Perfect for marketers who are fed up of just “talking a good game” every week with no sales to back it up.

And, perfect for marketers who want to get paid multiple times for every sale they make with two-tier affiliate commissions.

If you want to avoid yet another blank week in your affiliate marketing “career”…

Then get in touch and let’s make this happen.