I’ve been getting a few comments about the photos I use in my posts lately…

As in, how good they look.

Yeah, I was surprised by that too.

People have asked what camera I’m using to create the shots I post alongside my content.​

Honestly, I don’t use anything special.​

Just my iPhone 7 Plus which will be four years old this November…

Plus, an app which adds a trendy blur effect to the background because my phone is too outdated to do it as standard.​

Originally, I wanted to upgrade to the then-brand new iPhone 10.​

But, the expense and the fact a fancy new phone wouldn’t make me any more of a successful marketer put me off. 

While an expensive bit of kit can produce stunning results, especially if you’re in a location to match…

My trusty old iPhone does the job while I’m taking photos in front of a more modest backdrop.

It’s the words I’m publishing every day, the message, the story, which will ultimately “attract” somebody to want to work with me…

Rather than a pretty picture.

Let’s face it, one of those I ain’t.

So, if you’re ready to crack on with some marketing that’s traffic-stopping attractive and beautify your bank account with “high ticket” commissions…

Even if you’re stuck with “ugly” tech…​

Then you know where to find me.

I’m also reachable via smoke signals, pigeon post and Morse Code.

– .- .-.. -.- / … — — -.