How was your weekend?

I had a great start to mine…​

Waking up to a $100 made overnight totally passively.​

I get it – it’s only a hundred bucks…

But just like I’ve encouraged other marketers on a couple of coaching calls I held last week:​

Become a product of the product…​

And leverage your results on social media.

The way I look at it is this:​

As an “attraction marketer”, you’re “monetising your life”.​

It’s the combination of allowing your audience a “peek behind the curtains” and the results you get which attracts people to you.

This helps you get even greater results which will in turn attract even more people and so your success continues to grow.​

I’ve been in this game a long time.​

I made my very first dollar online way back in 1998 and I can’t imagine not marketing in some way or another.​

Whether it’s a hundred dollars like I’m sharing here…​

Or my more significant monthly passive income streams which I rarely talk about…

I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities the Internet has provided me with over the past two decades.

Over to you:​

Whether you’re looking to make your first dollar online using free, attraction marketing strategies…

Or you’ve been doing this for a while (unsuccessfully) and want to ramp up your online income through “high ticket” affiliate marketing…

Then feel free to interrupt my day and let’s get you a plan of attack.

I’d be happy to help.