Today is National Goof Off Day.

Therefore, even though it’s a Monday…

I’m giving you permission to take it easy.

(I’m good like that).

So, please go ahead and do one or more of the following to ensure an easy, marketing-free day:

Write a post which wishes your audience a cheery “Good Morning” or “Happy Monday”… and not much else.

Add nothing to the conversation in any content posted to the newsfeed: a simple “Great post” or “Thanks for sharing” will suffice… for an extra bonus point, use automated software to do this for you!

Avoid having any conversations in the Messenger relating to online business… shouldn’t be too hard.

Wait, what’s that?

You do this EVERY day?


If you’re “goofing off” on a daily basis…

Then you just blend in with all the other goof-offs.

Your content may well attract plenty of “likes” from those chasing high engagement numbers of their own.

But, to the potential customers you actually want to sell to…

It’s instantly forgettable.

No leads.

And definitely no sales.

Perhaps you’re also “leveraging” the results of successful marketers…

In the absence of any of your own.

I’m sure they appreciate any prospects who are not interested in you who you send their way.

Admit it.

You’re hurtling towards burn-out.

And, pretty soon you’ll stop posting completely.

How to turn this around?

My CLOVER Content training is a great place to start.

In it, I reveal the SIX types of post which speaks to your target audience in a way which compels them to reach out to you…

Rather than just leaving you a “Happy Monday” in the comments and moving onto the next marketer in the feed who isn’t making any money either.

Oh, I’ll also give you this training for free.

Just send me a message and it’s yours.

Maybe it’s me who’s goofy.