We suffered a fatality at the Walker household this weekend:​

My son’s television is no more…

And to avoid any embarrassment, we’ll say it was an “accident”.​


It took him a good 24 hours to admit responsibility…​

Adopting a Bart Simpson like stance from the episode where he became famous as the “I Didn’t Do It Kid” after accidentally destroying the stage on the ‘Krusty the Klown’ show.

(For context, there are only three of us in the house!)

Plenty of truth avoidance on The Book these past couple of days too:​

Friend request after friend request from failing marketers…​

Who all claim to be “organic lead generation experts”…

And can “help me make $10k per month”.


As a parent of a nine-year-old boy, I’m used to dealing with fibs being told on a near daily basis…​

And I don’t need to be “father of the year” to spot them, either.​

A cursory check of my new friends profiles usually reveals:​

Next to no engagement – so no leads being generated…​

Posts filled with utter twaddle (in the name of “value”, no doubt) – so no credibility or expertise being shared…​

And, obviously, zero evidence of that magical $10k a month being made.​

Seriously, who’s teaching this stuff?​

So, if you’re not making money from that shiny new program you skipped a mortgage payment to buy into…​

And your sponsor is too busy counting your money to acknowledge your existence…​

Then just ask for my help.

It’ll be the quickest way to turn those misfortunes around without all the bull crappery beforehand when we both know the score.​

My son’s not getting a new TV until Christmas, though…

That’ll learn him.