This post is bound to make a few people angry. 

I’m even expecting some heated Messenger action where I get told how wrong I am too.


Anyway, if you’re selling “high ticket” products on social media…​

Don’t focus on “giving value” to your audience.​

(Sharp intake of breath).

That’s not to say “value” isn’t important…​

It can be.​

And, we should try to be “valuable”.

However, there are tons of “high ticket affiliates” delivering value all over The Book right now who are dirt poor.

(FYI: I spent years myself dishing out value on blogs, in emails and on videos with very little to show for it).

It makes sense:​

If all you had to do was write a load of intelligent sounding nonsense on your profile and people would willingly pay you thousands of dollars after reading it…

Then we’d all fire up Amazon, buy a dictionary and get rich.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a wealthy content writer…

I’ve never met a teacher who was made of money either.

Since I got into the organic marketing game, I’ve seen many fall into the “value trap”.​

Plucky affiliates who hammer out post after wordy post…

And then disappear from the newsfeed after a couple of months, burnt out and flat broke because they didn’t make the sales they thought their content would provide.​

Okay, so if “value” isn’t the key to the commissions vault, then what is?

Sadly, I’m not going to reveal that for free.​

It’s just too valuable.

I only share it with my “high ticket” partners who want an unfair advantage in a crowded marketplace.

You know where to find me.