Isn’t it great when you have an idea for something which could enhance your life…

And then discover it’s readily available?

It happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

I have a stereo set up in my home office which I’ve had since I was about 20.

It still works like a charm.

I use it to play all my old trance CDs from the late 1990s and early noughties.

Fantastic sound quality.

But, I wanted more.

After five years of owning my computer…

I figured out it had a Bluetooth mode.

(Yeah, I know…)

And, I also recently discovered a website which had a ton of old radio broadcasts by Judge Jules, a mega-popular UK dance music DJ back in the day, available to download.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could connect my PC to my two-decade-old Sony via Bluetooth…

So I could enjoy some thumping audio rather than perservere with the tinny speakers attached to my desktop?


Such a gadget was readily available on Amazon.

And, probably has been for years, much to my ignorance.


I’m now blasting out 20-year-old radio brodcasts through my favourite piece of kit from that era for added authenticity.

As the Judge would say:

Aural pleasure!

Even if your taste in music isn’t the same as mine…

We still have a common goal:

Organic leads and sales from social media.

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Just like the Judge Jules archives I’ve been working through this past fortnight…

It’s free of charge.

However, even though there’s no money involved…

Doesn’t mean there’s no value.

I’ll take banging tunes over banging my head against a brick wall any day.