Feeky Chuckers.​

They’re everywhere on The Book.

I had one last week…​

Trying to get my Walker Way training at a discount.

Despite positioning himself as somebody who “helps people make money online” in his bio…​

He was “working on a budget”.​

Flat broke, in other words.

He asked me:​

“What’s the least amount you’d accept for it?”

Trying to appeal to my better nature, obviously.

Unlike him, I value my time and I showed little interest in continuing the conversation.

But, in my inbox he reappeared over the days which followed.​

He then decided he actually only needed one of my training modules, rather than the whole program…

One which focused on effective use of Messenger and how to close more affiliate sales.

(You couldn’t make it up!)

As he only needed this one module, he’d therefore “get it at a discount”.​

Told me, not asked.

I laughed and called him a Feeky Chucker.

He called me “unprofessional”.​

I guess the irony of his own behaviour up to that point had been lost on him.

I tried to be as clear as possible in the fading hope I’d get through:​

If you want to access my training, then purchase it.

If you want to work with me and get all my training as a bonus at no extra cost, then work with me.

I have no interest in selling my stuff for as low a price as possible to somebody who, in another conversation, is going to talk themselves up as some kind of wealthy marketing expert.​

Don’t insult me.

So, if you’re not a Feeky Chucker, but would like to become a successful one…

Then get in touch and we can discuss how to make a successful affiliate marketer out of you, using nothing but free, organic, attraction marketing strategies.

P.S. Cull Dunts need not apply either.