I’ve been poking my head down the pandemic rabbit hole lately.

Bad move.

Now, I love a good conspiracy theory…

However, actually living through one, with 24/7 coverage on the TV, radio and Internet, has had a negative effect on my motivation.

I’ve been less productive this past week or so…

And haven’t felt like writing much.

It’s put a cork in my creative release.

Which is about as painful as it sounds.

So, I’ve decided:

No more TV, radio or online news.

No more social media groups or friends who publish rolling updates revealing the “truth”.

No more David Icke.

I’m well aware I can’t go into my local pub and sip a cold, refreshing pint…

Or take my son to the football to watch our beloved Cardiff City.

I don’t need a reminder on the hour.

Every hour.

I can’t control how this “brave new world” of ours will play out, but I CAN control my own focus in the areas which directly affect me.


Doing better in the day job to help keep me in one…

Producing consistent, quality marketing content which speaks to those who need it more than ever before…

And ultimately making more sales of the programs, products and services I promote.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit…

Pandemic, or “Plandemic”…

This scenario isn’t going away any time soon.

We are in a war for survival, whichever way you look at it.

My battle lines have been drawn.

And, I’m going to fight to hold onto everything I’ve worked for since my teenage, girl-repelling self made his first £1 online more than 20 years ago.

Until the army trucks roll up outside to bundle us off to Covid Camp, that is.

I doubt it’ll have wi-fi there.