A few weeks ago I wrote about a “Feeky Chucker” who tried to get my Walker Way training at a discount.

If you enjoyed that post, you’ll love this one!

I accepted a friend request from somebody I’ll call “Lady Diana” and the initial conversation seemed pleasant enough.

We had a little back and forth about what first got me into online marketing back in 1998…

Which was fun.

But then, the hard sell.

I ignored Diana’s misplaced question about what my closing process was – she was keen to let me know she’d learned “a very appropriate and non-salesey way”.

My spidey sense was tingling.

She proceeded to read from whatever script she was working from and then asked whether I knew I could turn my profile into a lead magnet?


I let her know I’d created my own program on this very topic and had also delivered such training to the largest traffic group on The Book.

Cue an aggressive and belittling response.

Because, that always works.

Desperate to regain the upper-hand, her final card was to ask me if I was such a marketing expert, what was my best tip for finding the right avatar?

You couldn’t make this up.

Whatever profiling technique she used was way off the money when she tried this nonsense on me.

Perhaps I could have helped her out with an answer…

But instead, I told her she was “off her head” and ended the conversation there.

I encounter a lot of Lady Diana types on this platform.

No doubt their combative approach helps them beat the occasional “high ticket” sale out of a newbie with their guard down.

However, they lack the marketing chops…

Not to mention, the basic people skills…

To make the organic game really work for them.

This is why I developed my Walker Way training.

In Module 5, I help people like Diana avoid Messenger humiliation by providing “done for you” conversation templates…

So it’s not cringe-inducingly obvious they’re a terrible people person when chatting with a new lead for the first time.

It also works like a charm for normal, functioning members of society, who want to start making money from social media without throwing any of the green stuff into a paid advertising black hole.

Whichever end of the spectrum you’re at…

Get in touch as I’m sure I can help.