We’ve all experienced it.

The friend request we instantly regretted accepting.

Within seconds, the Messenger lit up…

And the questions began.

“Where are you from?”

“What do you do?”

This one didn’t tell me they wanted to connect with “like minded people”…

Hitting the woodwork, rather than netting a hat-trick.

It was too much effort to spend 30 seconds checking my profile to find out this information.

Far easier to assume I was a wet-behind-the-ears noob.

Like them.

“What are you thinking of doing online?”

Thinking about doing?

I’ve been marketing online since 1998.

The interrogation continued.

Each question more poorly thought out and confusing than the last.

“So, you’re not an affiliate, then?”

(Bangs head against the wall).

All I talk about in my content is organic, affiliate marketing.

Well, that and food pics.

My new BFF was inexperienced and desperate to make the sale.

Too keen for me to instantly reveal a “pain point” in my online marketing…

So they could have an easy “in” and attempt to rescue me with an expensive solution.

Banking them a fat commission in the process.

They’re all heart!

However, the biggest mistake here…

Was skipping the part about determining whether or not I’d be a lead worth pursuing.

I wasn’t.

Here’s the thing.

Just because you’ve dropped a month’s wage on a course which teaches you the basics of marketing…

Which you’ve clearly not gone through, judging by this humiliating attempt at “prospecting” me as a potential lead…

It does not:

Make you a marketing expert.

Mean you’re in a position to “teach” other equally inexperienced marketers how to make money online.

And it certainly doesn’t give you a free pass to be rude and obnoxious in the Messenger when I won’t entertain your BS.


It does make for some easy content.

Thanks for that.

Anyway, if you’re fed up of being pitched to by day-one newbies who are frantically trying to recoup their costs at your expense…

The blind leading the blind…

Then get in touch for details of my Walker Way organic marketing training program.

It also includes my “no rapport” Messenger method…

Which is going to save us all from the painful dog-and-pony show I’ve written about today.