New Year has been and gone.

It’s time to sober up.

The chances are:

You will NEVER make money online.

Regardless of your work ethic…

The “value” you mistakenly believe you’re “putting out there”…

Or even the Christmas money you’re willing to throw at the first “high ticket success coach” to slime their way into your inbox.

None of it will make any difference.

And no, this isn’t me just saying this to provoke some sort of reaction…

I’ve actually got some hard evidence and in this post I’ll debunk every false pathway to riches you’ve been sold.

Down that Alka-Seltzer in one and let’s begin.


“Start a blog and create great content your audience will love!”

Content. Shmontent.

And that’s coming from somebody who puts food on the table with theirs.

Your musings compete against the other 4.4 million blogs published every day…

And half a billion on the Tumblr platform alone.


“Become the next YouTube superstar!”

Get real.

That video you spent a week working on just adds to the 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute.


“The money is in the list – you simply MUST grow your email subscriber base!”

Arguably the most difficult of the lot to make work for you.

Over 150,000 emails are sent every single minute…

With your “incredible opportunity” buried among 150 others received each day by the average, jaded office worker.

So what’s left?

Social media marketing.

And even that’s overcrowded.

Your carefully crafted photo post competes against 4,000 others uploaded every second on Facebook…

Vying for the attention of users who spend just 38 minutes per day on average engaging with the platform.

There’s also 500 million Tweets per day on Twitter…

And 95 million photos and videos per day uploaded to Instagram.

Consequently, just blundering into online marketing will end in failure.

You need a plan.

A real one.

So, reach out to me and I’ll share the step-by-step affiliate program which is working for me right now…

And, as a bonus, I’ll give you access to my “Walker Way” attraction marketing training too.

(That’s over 5.5 hours of over-my-shoulder video training with several new updates planned for 2021 which you’ll also get at no extra cost!)

By the way, did you know that over $3.5 trillion is spent online each year?

It’s a sobering figure.

Getting your slice of that lucrative pie is a lot easier when you work with me.

Let me know when you’re ready to get started.