Sad news.

I heard recently a “high ticket affiliate” friend of mine has seemingly quit the industry…

Going as far as deactivating their account on this platform.


But, it doesn’t surprise me.

The burnout is real.

Think about it:

If all “high ticket affiliates” who play the organic game had to do was throw a grand into the hole…

Write some wordy BS a few times a week about how life-changing high ticket affiliate marketing is…

(Without offering any financial evidence whatsoever that it has indeed changed said life)…

Then everybody even remotely involved in the industry would easily make that fabled “$10k per month” figure.

As opposed to just pretending they are.

Yes, I know mega success has blessed a tiny percentage very quickly…

But more commonly, it’s something you have to grow into.

Climbing up each level like the rung of a ladder.

If you want to be taken seriously as somebody who can help others make the online monies…

And be rewarded handsomely for it…

Then you need to visibly demonstrate you’re making money online yourself.

A huge shock, I’m sure.

Maybe you’re stuck in that unenviable position at the moment.

You’re trying to convince everyone your high ticket opportunity is the answer to a question they haven’t asked…

Yet, you still haven’t made a sale yourself.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Fortunately, I have the solution:

Promote something a little “lower” ticket.

Make some sales and get proof of income going.

Like my new Walker Way training program.

Not only does it solve the three biggest problems currently faced by high (and low) ticket marketers:

Locating proven buyer leads who are interested in your business… rather than wasting endless hours on time-wasting freebie seekers or industry newbies who need constant explanations and hand-holding.

Attracting those proven buyers through content which speaks to them in such a way it compels them to reach out to you for more information… no more chasing dead ends!

Converting those proven buyers smoothly in the Messenger… with as few objections and as little resistance as possible.

I have also attached an affiliate program which pays out two levels deep!

So, you earn a commission every time you make a sale of The Walker Way…

And get paid AGAIN every single time one of your customer’s makes a sale of their own.

The second tier means more consistent commissions.

Which means you can produce results-based content more often.

Which means you can attract a greater volume of curious marketers into your world.

Which means more opportunities for conversations about your main business…

And promoting The Walker Way as an affiliate, of course.

The bottom line?

Yours increases.


I’m going live to launch The Walker Way on Thursday 6 May at 10pm BST (5pm EST)…

And have an extra special bonus for fast movers.

If you’re one of the first FIVE marketers to invest in this program, I’ll place an affiliate underneath you in your second tier…

So you can start earning those passive, two-tier commissions as quickly as possible!

Leave me a comment below if you want a reminder and secure yourself some free money!