I’ve never watched American Idol.

Nor had I heard of Taylor Hicks, the winner in 2006, until I read about his story a few years ago.

However, it’s highly relevant if you’re trying to build a large, loyal fan base on social media.

Here’s why:

Despite winning the show and selling over 700,000 albums, Hicks was labelled a “dog”.

That is, he wasn’t a money-maker for his record label.

However, he knew he had a fanbase.

More people voted for him to win Idol than voted in the presidential election.

He just needed to reach them.

So, he set up his own label and produced a second album.

He didn’t have the money to finance his own tour…

Instead, he joined the national tour of Grease in the role of Teen Angel.

Night after night, Hicks performed songs from his new album in his own “miniature concert” at the end of each show.

Then, he personally sold the album, merchandise and met fans in the lobby.

After 18 months, he’d come into direct contact with over two million fans…

And shifted, by hand, 100,000 copies of his album.

Hard work, yes, but it earned him $3.5 million.

What’s more, with no record label creaming off a huge percentage, it was all his.

His determination had paid off…

Hicks, the “dog”, had his day.

He created demand for his content among a ready-made audience…

And followed-up relentlessly.

You can do exactly the same as a marketer on social media.

Which has the advantage of not having to hit the road for a year-and-a-half, leaving your friends and family behind.


You may be struggling with the “creating demand” part right now.

You’re putting on a show daily…

But there’s no rapturous applause.

Or no requests for an encore.

For all the “value” you’re giving…

And the “showing up”…

There’s still a disconnect between your content and your audience.

Not to worry…

I’ll have a brand new “3 C’s” document available tomorrow which will solve this problem for you.

It’ll be music to your ears.

Stay tuned.

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