Today, my son started Year Six.

His final year in Junior School before he leaves for Comprehensive and experiences the sharp end of British education.

It got me feeling a little nostalgic…

And thinking about the books I read to him when he was much younger.

Surprisingly, lessons relating to Internet Marketing were found within those pages.

Take the classic tale of Kira the Koala, for example.

Kira, as you can imagine, eats eucalyptus leaves like they are going out of fashion.

However, she’s fed up of them:

“Leaves, leaves, leaves” she huffed. “I’m tired of eating leaves!”

So, she decides to try something new.

First, she tastes the lush green grass… but doesn’t like it.

Next, it’s the brightly coloured fruit… but again, she doesn’t like it.

She even tries some of the “wet squiggly things” swimming in the river.

Unsurprisingly, she doesn’t like those either.

After much messing around, Kira finally eats what she does like:

Eucalyptus leaves!

No surprise there.

You may feel like Kira right now:

Struggling to gain traction in the world of affiliate marketing…

And tempted by the online equivalent of the grass, the fruit and even the wet squiggly things in the river.

So, you have a little nibble at Forex trading…

Or take a bite out of the crypto market…

And those brand new NFTs are especially squiggly.

However, even though they all looked delicious…

Ultimately, they will leave a sour taste in your mouth.

And, you’ll return to affiliate marketing because when you get it right, it’ll leave your bank account as fully as your belly.

How about this for starters?

Get in touch and I’ll give you free access to a 19 minute case-study which shows you how a busy grandma-of-eight made $1,079.22 as an affiliate using organic, social media traffic…

Just by posting repetitive, “zero value” content.

Then, if you’re still hungry for more…

I’ll share my Walker Way training program which lays out, step-by-step, the solutions to the problems you’re suffering from right now.

Things like:

Targeting ‘proven buyer leads’… rather than wasting time on freebie seekers, tire-kickers and day one noobs who need constant hand-holding.

Creating attractive, targeted content for those buyers super quickly… even if you only have an hour or so per day to work on your marketing.

And finally, how to effortlessly close the sale in Messenger… without having to waste time building rapport or pretending to be your lead’s new best friend.

Reach out if this is something which whets your appetite.