Content creation seems to be a major problem for affiliate marketers trying to make it in the organic, social media game.

Based on the conversations I’ve had, anyway.

Some just don’t know what to post.

Others spend months failing to project fictional “problems” they hope their audience will recognise in themselves at an ever increasing word count.

Sure, it might hit the mark occasionally…

But more often, you end up with 50 slightly different posts on the newsfeed, all written by struggling affiliates with high ticket programs they can’t sell, begging whoever reads it to “get a mentor”.

They will.

It just won’t be them.

Or, desperate and broke, said struggler becomes stuck so far in the VaLuE tRaP they’re pumping out 800 words daily on irrelevant, heavy topics which is only going to end in burnout.

A post I saw about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs springs to mind.

Me neither.

Instead, I use a strategy I learned in Ben Settle’s Street Smart Email System a decade ago…​

Where he turned 21 mundane, “real life” scenarios into a story with a pitch at the end.​

It’s a process which has served me well over the years.

I use it on social media all the time…

Posting about things like:

  • Having to cut my own lawn because I couldn’t find a gardener
  • Being delivered the wrong sofa
  • An advert for a soap opera I watched on television
  • A weird job offer I received via email
  • Getting locked out of my hotel when on holiday abroad

All edge-of-the-seat stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.

However, it shows you can take an everyday situation and quickly turn it into a sales message…

Along with the added bonus of not needing to live a high-octane lifestyle where something interesting happens to you every five minutes for the benefit of social media.

If you do this, you’ll NEVER run out of content ideas again.

I’ve also simplified the content creation process even further…

Where a post can be completed and ready for publishing in just a few minutes.

There’s less focus on providing meaningless VaLuE, which frees up more time for affiliates to complete actual money-making activities…

Even if they only have one or two hours each day to work on their marketing.

This brand new training is ONLY available to members of The Walker Way program…

So get in touch if you want access to it.