Is it just me…

Or have marketers got thirstier since the turn of the year?

I’ve received a number of unwanted, desperate pitches in the Messenger of late.

From people who are allegedly “successful”…

Or at the very least, experienced enough to know better.

The well, it seems, has dried up.

See for yourself:


This guy contacted me in the Messenger to “thank” me for engaging on his posts.

My reward?

An unsolicited pitch for some crap I didn’t ask for.

Is kindness really so rare in social media that people mistake it for a come-on?

Perhaps I shouldn’t wear such short skirts…


An experienced affiliate who once “praised” me in the Messenger for being one of the few who hadn’t pitched him.

The irony.

I noticed he’d become increasingly thirsty since New Year.

First, I received a cryptic “soft pitch” out of the blue…

Which was followed up a week later with a more blatant one, complete with a referral link.

I unfriended him shortly after.


A lady who messaged me about a recent post I’d made…

But immediately spun into a reverse pitch for some “10 levels deep” matrix junk.

She was an accountant too, no less…

Somebody you’d think would know better than to get involved in “money games” like this.

Alas not.

Just another desperado playing the numbers to try to quench that thirst.


There are two reasons they and thousands more wannabe “organic marketers” like them, resort to such barrel-scraping tactics:


Their content is too general and therefore irrelevant, regardless of how many “likes” it attracts.

It doesn’t speak to their audience in a way which positions them as a credible solver of problems.


They don’t know how to identify a potential customer…

And then lack the sales techniques required when they try to engage with them.

Heck, even basic conversational skills would be an improvement.


If you haven’t made it rain for a while…

And you’re thinking of diving into somebody’s Messenger…

Then make sure it’s mine.

Send a #THIRSTY direct to my inbox and I’ll share the same content and Messenger frameworks I’m using right now to make high-ticket sales organically.

It isn’t free…

Or even cheap…

But it’s the true oasis in the marketing desert you’ve been crawling on your hands and knees searching for.