My son Thomas and I play a game we call “The End”.​

It started while reading him a bed-time story and on closing a chapter which usually had some kind of cliff-hanger, I’d announce playfully:​

“The End”.​

This has now spilled over into watching movies, too.

On Saturday, we settled down as a family to watch Dolittle, starring Robert Downey Jr.

The opening two minutes set the scene where a Welsh-accented Dolittle and his beloved wife, Lily, trotted the globe, enjoyed hair-raising escapades and helped out mistreated animals along the way.

Until, Lily inexplicably decided to go on an adventure alone, died at sea and left Dolittle feeling very sad indeed.

“The End”, declared Thomas and I…​

Almost at the same time.

It’s been non-stop banter at ours during this lockdown period as you can probably tell.​

Just like poor Lily, you might feel your own online marketing adventure has been sent to a watery grave.

You may have had some initial success…

Banked a few sales…

But now that ship has sunk, regardless of how much “motivation” or “value” you think you’re putting out into the marketplace.

What are you going to do?​

You could give up, which was Dolittle’s preferred solution early in the movie…

Or, you could choose the alternative which makes for a much better story line.​

That is, to pull yourself together…​

Ask me for some help…

And take advantage of my content strategy which enables you to stand out in a crowded newsfeed and beat your competition to make those “high ticket” sales…

Which, let’s be honest here, hasn’t happened for a while.

This is not the end, my friend…​

It’s a new beginning.