Here’s Tony.

A marketer from the UK who I’ve been aware of for the past decade…

Although we only connected on this platform towards the end of last year.

Recently, Tony became involved with my Walker Way program…

Much to my delight.

I had a hunch he was the type of person who’d run with a new opportunity…

And become successful with it.

My instinct proved correct.

This post was going to be about how Tony made three sales of my program as an affiliate in just 48 hours.

But, he made a further two sales on Sunday…

Followed by another two on Monday!

So, now I’m lauding his seven sales in a five day period!

Which works out at approximately $560 in commissions.

Plenty more to come too, I’m sure.

Wondering why Tony’s making money and you’re not?

Honestly, he hasn’t done anything beyond the realms of possibility for anybody reading this post.

All he did was present The Walker Way as a solution to other marketers who want to:

Learn how to become attractive affiliates using nothing but free, organic, social media traffic.

Benefit from an affiliate program which teaches the entire process step-by-step AND pays commissions out on two levels!


If either (or both) appeals to you…

Get in touch with either Tony or I and we’d be happy to help!