We all need a break from social media…

And I took one a couple of months back when my family and I enjoyed a holiday in Tenerife.

While I didn’t post any of my usual Walker-style content…

I still wanted to share some of what we did – just for the “Memories” to show up in future years.

So, I posted once a day during the fortnight, usually a photo eating out somewhere.

With no expectation of engagement.

I didn’t spend time “warming up the algorithm” prior to posting and only responded to comments left…

I’m not totally ignorant, even if I am on holiday!

Guess what?

I still got the likes and comments.

Arguably not as many as usual, but still over 100+ each time I was pictured tucking into a burger or sipping a cocktail.

This confirmed a couple of suspicions:

  1. People value lifestyle posts above everything else.

My friends enjoyed “joining me” on holiday and the posts offered some temporary escapism from their own lives.

  1. A high percentage of friends will see your post in their feed whether you engage or not.

Think about it.

Your average fishwife type doesn’t spend hours engaging with the newsfeed before airing her dirty laundry.

Any grievance is immediately shared…

And quickly attracts the engagement she craves:

“Inbox me, hun”.

By sharing my holiday snaps, I was using social media like…

Wait for it…

A regular user!

And rewarded for it in return.

Therefore, if you have something you need to post…

But don’t have hours to spare beforehand wishing everybody in your feed a “Happy Monday”…

Just post it anyway with confidence.

It’ll be seen by the people who need to see it.

And, if you want to take things a step further:

Turning those likes into leads and sales…

Then get in touch and I’ll share the program I’m currently involved with which teaches you, step-by-step, how to do just that.