If you’re going down the “organic” marketing route on social media…

Then you either live or die by your content.

It’s all you have to attract potential leads and customers to you…

So, it has to be good.

And, you need to produce a lot of it.

Like, every day, Britney.

Email marketing maestro Ben Settle indirectly nailed it in two steps how to win the organic game a couple of days ago.

He said:

1. Create more content than you do now.

2. Create that content faster than you do now.

That’s it.

Volume and speed.

Not a problem for me.

You may remember last week I wrote about how I found a couple of my old blogs archived on the Wayback Machine…

And how I intend to repurpose that content for social media.

I did a recount on Friday.

I don’t have the 50 or so posts worth I initially thought…

It’s more like 110.

If I use two posts per week, I have enough to give me “easy” content days for an entire year!

I liken organic marketing to a war of attrition and with this amount of firepower in reserve, I expect to “outcontent” even the more “successful” marketers who appear from nowhere with $10k earnings in their first month.

However, once they’ve exhausted their warm market, any new leads won’t be as easily impressed by the same tepid posts they’ve read on a hundred other profiles.

You know the routine:

“Blah blah, follow these steps. Blah blah, find a high ticket offer to promote. Blah blah, get a mentor”.

Yeah, mate. Take your own advice on the latter.

If you’d rather not waste any more time and start pumping out attractive content on The Book quickly and consistently…

I have an entire module dedicated to it in my Walker Way training program.

There’s just the one step to follow here…

Get in touch.