Organic marketing has been all the rage these past few years.

Don’t pay for advertising.

Use your profile on The Book instead.

Hundreds of marketers have tried to make it work.

Some have even made money.

For a while at least.

Before burning out and disappearing just as quickly as they arrived.

I launched my own training program around this method earlier this year.

Honestly, I believed it would be my “golden ticket”.

It had all the credentials:


Two-tier affiliate program.

Weekly Q & A support.

It was an instant hit.

Over $34,000 worth of sales in a month suggested it could be big.

However, I hadn’t accounted for one key block in this fragile digital Jenga tower…

Which if removed, would bring the whole thing crashing down in an instant.

That block?


This was a low-to-mid ticket product which needed affiliates to fuel it and keep the buzz going.

But, affiliates are affiliates.

Once their sales dried up, they moved onto the next shiny object to present to their audience of marketing magpies.

The promise of two-tier commissions (i.e. free money)…

And the opportunity to build for the long-term wasn’t enough for them to stick around.

It’s not completely finished.

The program still makes sales.

I enjoyed a $500 day only yesterday…

But I’ve accepted that any hopes of it snowballing into an industry behemoth are over.

This was one of the reasons behind my starting the Internet Marketing Revealed show.

To branch out to new platforms.

Attract a new audience.

Rather than hop on the product creation treadmill here…

In a bid to tempt those same affiliates back every few months with a new offering largely the same as the one before.

Who will in turn duke it out to be the first to promote it to the same pool of opportunity hoppers who have no real desire to make anything work.

To coin a popular phrase…

This is exactly the “red ocean” struggling marketers are trying to convince you (and themselves) is blue.

So, what next?

I’ve had a great time with the podcast so far.

More than I thought I would.

Discussing other peoples stories is fascinating.

I’ve also enjoyed the experience of a purposeful one-to-one conversation so much, I want to have more of them.

Therefore, I am going to open up a limited number of coaching spots.

It’ll be ran alongside a high-ticket training program which will give you the essentials and day-to-day support…

Then I’ll provide additional one-to-one coaching to help you get the most out of it.

Plus, if you want to take things to the next level, we can also delve into the really enjoyable stuff like:​

Content creation


And video on multiple platforms.

For the right people,

I need to iron out some finer details and will post a more formal invitation at a later time…

But for now, I’m gaging interest.

So, if you think you’d like to work with me…

Then please leave me a comment below or reach out to me privately for a friendly chat.