I’ve seen a lot of New Year resolution and prediction posts these past few days.

So, here’s my take on what’s going to happen over the next 12 months.

Full disclosure: I’m not a fortune-teller and didn’t act as a stunt-double for Mystic Meg during the televised UK lottery draws in the 1990s…

But I am certain all three of the following will happen.

Prediction #1:

The economy is going to get a lot worse.

I foresee a difficult year ahead.

Things are going to get ugly…

Not to mention, more than a little “weird”.

Jobs will be lost…

And an influx of people will enter the online marketing space in one final, desperate roll of the dice.

I hope I’m wrong, of course…

And even if I am, it can’t hurt to plan for a worst case scenario.

Prediction #2:

Credibility will become even more important.

Obvious, I know.

But, scrolling past the outlandish nonsense in the feed proves credibility is not top of the priority list for some.

As the numbers making ever more unsubstantiated promises increase…

Posting ANYTHING credible in your content will make you stand out.

Prediction #3:

The majority of people reading this post who are secretly struggling to make organic marketing work for them will choose to NOT work with me during 2022.


Perhaps they’re sceptical…

Suspicious I don’t offer anything they can’t get from somebody else?

Or, I’m just another “guru” spouting the same empty rhetoric as the last one they threw four figures at…

And only got a lousy referral link to show for it?

Can’t blame them.

That said, when I work with somebody…

I only work with the best.

So, I wouldn’t insult your intelligence by proposing something different.

These past weeks I’ve taken guidance from the BEST when it comes to organic, social media marketing…

And I saw results almost instantly.

Therefore, if your content is being ignored and you’re not making sales, not only will I hook you up with the exact same organic marketing strategy which helped me earn $1,374.30 in commissions just two days before Christmas…

You’ll also get these exclusive bonuses from me:

  • 60 minutes one-to-one coaching to nail down your content, offers and help you get the most out of the training.
  • Credibility-building interview on my Internet Marketing Revealed podcast where you will feature as a guest alongside a slew of “household names” in the industry.
  • My flagship Walker Way training program (currently sold for $297) which features over 9.5 hours of video tutorials and complements the new, improved method I’m following.
  • A year’s subscription to the industry standard EL Messenger software (worth $497) so you’ll never lose track of another sales conversation again!

Like I said…

Most people will NOT take me up on this offer.

Instead, they’ll get lost in the shuffle.

Their repetitive, cookie-cutter marketing content about the results achieved by their “mentor” falling on deaf ears.

They’ll quit, burnt out and broke well before Easter.

However, if you want to be part of the successful minority in 2022…

Send me a DM and we can look into making it happen!