I’ve been rewatching the Jackass movies recently…

Indulging in some early-noughties craziness I used to love watching after rolling in from the pub.

However, I missed a subtle, yet important exchange the first time around between the leader of the group, Johnny Knoxville, and three of his cronies in the second outing.

In one scene, they were set to have a Stingmore 460 Mine discharged at them…

A crowd control device packed with 745lbs of rubber balls capable of travelling 500 feet per second.

This seemed a stunt too far for some and it was up to Knoxville to convince them.

“C’mon, it’s footage” he said.

Here, Knoxville wasn’t just “one of the boys” filming themselves getting hurt for a cheap laugh.

In this scenario, we saw Knoxville the businessman.

Somebody with an end goal.

He was a struggling actor prior to Jackass…

Who used the show as a platform to raise his profile and create demand for roles elsewhere.

Here, he was the elder statesman of the group pulling rank.

Encouraging his band of not-so-merry men to create content for the benefit of the movie.

Even if they were reluctant.

It’s great advice.

I’m following it myself as I expand into other social media platforms through my new Internet Marketing Revealed podcast.

If somebody shows an interest in featuring as a guest on the show…

There needs to be a damn good reason for me to turn them down.

With them they bring:

Content for new episodes…

Content which can be repurposed…

And the opportunity to network which could lead to further collaborations, JVs or new guests for the show.


By the digital bucket load.

If you’re struggling to create content consistently which hits the spot and need some help…

Or, you’d like to be featured on the podcast…

Then you know where to find me.