A couple of days ago I revealed five decade-old email tips I use to crush it on Facebook.​

Tip #2 was to post daily but I received feedback that this was an area of struggle.

I used to find it difficult too, but it doesn’t need to be.​

The trick is not to fall into the “value trap”…

Where you feel obligated to come up with an epic, content-filled post, bursting with “value” at every seam…

Every single day.

It’s unsustainable.​

Not to mention, unnecessary.​

You see, for all the “judging” which takes place here on The Book…

The “unfriending” out of nowhere…​

And even “blocking” at the mere hint of a difference in opinion…​

It’s actually quite a forgiving platform.

Believe me, your audience won’t mind if you’re not testing their reading age every time they log in.

So, if you’re not feeling it…​

Put the chalk and blackboard away and post something fun like a selfie of you getting ice cream. 

It makes you relatable and is better than going days, even weeks before dropping your next “value bomb”…

By which time you’re forgotten about and the next marketer who showed up has filled that you-shaped void.​

Me, probably.

If you’re struggling to get any kind of traction on your posts…​

Or you get plenty of likes and “great post” silliness in the comments, but no actual sales…

Then you probably need my all-new content strategy which is only available to my “high ticket” team members.

But, if you’d rather carry on doing things the way you’ve always done them and get the results you’ve always gotten…​

Well, that’s fine too.​

No judging here, obviously.