It’s a new month which can only mean one thing:

The Marketing ‘Challenge’.

You’ve seen it all before:

5 Day Post Challenge
7 Days Story Challenge
30 Days of Lives Challenge

And so on.

Getting involved is usually a TERRIBLE idea…

Simply because it outs you as a “clueless noob”.

One who isn’t making any money…

And therefore, somebody you shouldn’t squander your hard-earned on either.

Think about it.

Are successful marketers wasting their time on such things…

Or, are they too busy solving other peoples problems and quietly stacking the cash?

Over the weekend, I spotted one plucky hopeful posting about an upcoming social media challenge promising the earth, as usual.

You even get “proven post templates” to use with this one.

I can’t possibly imagine what could go wrong.

Over 250 and counting registrants all posting the exact same cobblers at the same time…

Identical drivel echoing up and down the newsfeed.


That’s not to say you couldn’t use a marketing challenge to your advantage.

You could always just, you know, do the work.

In silence.

Without shouting about your participation from the rooftops.

But, people never do.

So, rather than mess around with another scheme doomed to fail, why don’t you work with me instead?

I can help you create the attractive, lead generating content you desire, which positions you as a real leader in your niche…

Without resorting to using the same tired old templates which get hammered to death every time a new contest begins.

I can even help with the next step of actually selling to your prospects in the Messenger…

Something which terrified rookies actively avoid by taking part in these online dares instead.

Which, is why they will forever remain both newbies and poor.

I would “challenge” you to message me.

But, it’s the easiest thing you’ll do all day.