I eye-rolled as soon as I read the headline.

“How to Ethically Steal Other People’s Posts” it stated optimistically.

I knew what was coming next.

The usual guff about nabbing a “value” post you’ve read on the newsfeed…

And rewriting it just enough so you won’t get called out for plagiarism before publishing it on your own page.

You’ve seen it a hundred times before:

Posts about “how to stay motivated during the pandemic” or fictional step by step instructions on “how to make $10k per month as an affiliate”…

When you’re still scrambling around trying to make that elusive first sale yourself.

Regurgitating this stuff is a terrible idea.

Here’s why:

Contrary to popular, but utterly misguided belief…

These posts generally don’t make any money.

Sure, the writer sounds “clever”, but it’s not what motivates a potential customer to whip out their credit credit card.

“But, but, what about the hundreds of positive and encouraging ‘great post’ comments left by other marketers”, I hear you splutter?

They’ve all fallen into the “value trap” too…

And are not making any significant money either.

Rewriting somebody else’s post won’t help you stand out in a crowded marketplace…

Which is chock-full of newbie marketers all saying the same thing…

And largely promoting the same “high ticket” opportunities.

You’re just another lit match in the box slowly burning out.

I’ll talk more about what makes engaging, compelling content in my Live tomorrow…

But in the meantime, don’t waste another day posting junk which keeps cash-filled wallets clamped shut.

Instead, reach out and I’ll share what’s currently working for me:

A new program which breaks down the exact steps you need to take into simple, daily tasks so you can build your personal brand, increase your authority and most importantly…

Make money.

Which, let’s face it, is the reason we’re all here doing what we do.

You know where I am if you want more details.